Thistle, 1963, Tallahassee, Florida, $2,000, sold 5/21/07

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1963 Thistle

  • This is an older fiberglass boat with a stiff hull. It is missing some rigging, however for the right motivated person this will be a great boat with a little bit of time and effort. The hull is sound with a newer top side paint job using Pettit Easypoxy. The wood is well taken care of and is nicely finished. The standing rigging is complete, in good condition and functional. The boat is missing some of the finer adjustments such as the traveler, boom vang, Cunningham, and hiking straps. The biggest problem with the boat would be the centerboard, it needs new rollers which can be ordered from Great Mid-West Yacht Company and the center board lowering system needs to be re rigged with the drum. The boat does come with a lot of new Ronstan hardware to complete some of these systems. However I do not have time to install because I am off at school.

    The sails on the boat are old, but still have a lot of life in them. I do not see any tears. The Spinnaker seems like it is brand new! I have never used it.

    Currently the boat is sitting on a trailer with independent suspension that is operated with air bags. It has new wheels and tires but one air bag has a puncture in it. Prior to the puncture I trailered the boat down the east coast. If the distance isnít far the trailer will be serviceable for the drive home. It also comes with a cover that can be kept on the boat while trailering as well.

    Over all this boat is a great day sailor, as I have been sailing it in its current state now for awhile.

    I hate to sell the boat but I need to pay the rest of my tuition before graduation!

    David, I actually JUST sold the boat!
    Tallahassee, Florida

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