1972 Texas Tornado, $750, sold 9/29/02

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1972 Texas Tornado

  • This is boat number 90, a 16' 5" daysailer/racer, beam of 5'7". Draft of 6", with board down it's 4'5". Portsmouth handicap of 91 means it is very quick, with 160 sq ft of sail you'd expect that. Weight of 425 pounds fully rigged. Somewhat similar to a Coronado 16, but has a roller furling jib. This is a jewel, obviously stored indoors, I couldn't find a crack anywhere on it. It looks like it's 5 years old, not 30. Robert has been racing it in our local races the last two months, and he does very well with it. Swing centerboard is designed similar to the Flying Scot or Thistle and is weighted. Kick up rudder is wood with a rubber strap to hold it down. Center mounted traveler and jib cleats. Good sails. Beautiful trailer. Boat and trailer currently registered and ready to go. Area under seats and part of bow is sealed for flotation, unsinkable and if you get water in it just pull the plug and sail it dry. Rated for 3 adults.

    "David, you sold my old Texas Tornado so fast ( two days as I recall) that I didn't have time to develop "sellers remorse". I even made a profit! What's your secret?"
    Bob Harrell
    Horseshoe Bay, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    During an August race
    1972 Texas Tornado

    1972 Texas Tornado

    Comes with nice mast/boom carrier which fits in rudder gudgeons.
    1972 Texas Tornado

    Roomy cockpit with storage under bow.
    1972 Texas Tornado

    Here you can see why it planes so easy.
    1972 Texas Tornado

    Pictures Copyright © 2003, David Luckenbach, all rights reserved

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