2003 Tosher 10, Houston, Texas, $950, Sold

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This is the cute little boat you have always been looking for. Comes in either the open configuration, or with the small cabin. The shallow V bottom helps her perform better, yet is shallow enough that both chines kiss the water and make her a stable ride. The cabin is not meant to sleep in, but as a dry place to keep your gear. Being small enough that she is super simple to handle, especailly with a lateen sail, yet big enough to take a friend and all the camping gear you would need for a weekend of beach cruising.


  • Cypress chines and framework
  • Cypress keelhog
  • Cypress Chine runners.
  • Cypress Birdsmouth mast
  • Floor boards to keep you hind end dry, and lessen strain on hull.
  • All nylon lines and sheets, and traveler.
  • Heavy 6 oz White Poly sail, UV resistant treated, sewn with polyester thread.
  • All brightwork finished with Spar Urathane for toughness and UV resistance.
  • All critical screws are countersunk and plugged.
  • Cypress wood is known for its strength and rot resistance.

    About Her Construction
    She is built from plywood, the bottom is coated with epoxy and fiberglass, and the entire hull is painted with a roller. Doesn't have the mirror finish of a fiberglass boat, to get that type of finish would increase her price dramatically. If you would like to add custom options, have the design changed slightly or whatever, Bill is glad to construct a boat just like you want it. The floor boards are a very important feature, they divert the stress to the chines which helps add life to the hull by not flexing it so much. If you keep her protected from the weather, she will last a very long time.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    2003 Tosher 10

    2003 Tosher 10

    2003 Tosher 10

    2003 Tosher 10

    2003 Tosher 10

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