2001 Tosher 10, Rusk, Texas, $600, Sold 10/21/04

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2001 Tosher 10 pram

  • Length is 10'-0"
  • Beam is 4'-6"
  • sides are 16"
  • Semi-V, hard-chined
  • Hull is 1/4" Miriti Plywood WITH 1/4" Cypress overlay in Herringbone pattern
  • Skeg is 4" deep
  • Has "completely" retractable swing keel (kickup) and kickup rudder, so stumps, etc. are just not a problem
  • Hull has 4 coats of Helmsman Spar Varnish on it
  • Mast is 15'
  • Sail is appx. 54 sq. feet, blue poly.
  • No trailer, she hauls easily in the back of a pickup.
  • She is a fine sailing/handling little boat. My personal boat, so I know what she will do. Quick response, quick acceleration and a load of fun to sail !

    Hi David,
    Please take the Tosher 10 down,,,,,,,,she is now sold, as a result of the ad on SAILING TEXAS !!!!!!
    many thanks,
    Rusk, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    2001 Tosher 10 sailboat

    2001 Tosher 10 sailboat

    2001 Tosher 10 sailboat

    2001 Tosher 10 sailboat

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