Vanguard Nomad, 2009, La Vida Starships, Lewisville, Texas, $12,500, ad expired

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2009 Vanguard Nomad

  • Seventeen feet long and eight feet wide. Planing hull and monster stability coupled with narrow aspect rudder and centerboard create one sweet platform for performance sailing. The tapered mast and adjustable spreaders leaves room for tweaking aloft.

    "The Nomad represents a new category of sailboat, one that combines superior Vanguard performance with ease of use for two to six people. Designed by Bob Ames, designer of the Vector and Vanguard 15, the Nomad is unlike any other daysailer on the market. The Nomad combines performance, stability, and durability in a package that appeals to beginners and experts alike. One of our goals for the Nomad was to design and build a boat that sailed very well and also had creature comforts one might associate with bigger boats. There is plenty of room for adults, kids, and storage for all the gear that comes with them."


  • Convenient storage in four lockers in the cockpit which is perfect for extra gear, an anchor, cooler or whatever your needs are.
  • Large, open, self bailing cockpit.
  • Asymmetrical spinnaker
  • Comfortable seating with angled backs
  • Your choice of North Sails 3DL RM racing or Dacron sails
  • Roller furling jib
  • Enclosed centerboard
  • Dry sail or store on a mooring or a slip
  • Easily rigged in 20 minutes. Mast can be raised by 1 person
  • Clean halyards, sheets, and sail controls:
  • Mainsheet is led away from passengers for less clutter in the cockpit
  • Compression vang creates more space under the boom
  • Mesh pocket located at the base of the tapered mast for all halyard tails.

    This is a limited time offer. When the last four of these fantastic sailing machines is gone, the demand will far out weigh the supply.

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    Vanguard Nomad sailboat

    Vanguard Nomad sailboat

    Vanguard Nomad sailboat

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