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Macgregor/Venture, 2-24, 1973, Orono, Maine, $2,500, Taken off market 8/2/10

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Macgregor/Venture, 2-24, 1973

General condition and any additional information:

  • I have receipts for the repair work that I did not do and for the standing rigging.

    Standard features:

  • Swing Keel
  • Pop Top
  • Easy to launch
  • Total length = 24' 10"
  • Beam = 8' Keel approximately 800lbs

    Extra gear included

  • Trailer
  • All Spars
  • Standing and running Rigging
  • Original Vinyl Cushions are usable, but not good shape
  • Original Mainsail (Usable but worn)
  • Original Jib (Bad shape, but we used it all last year)
  • Newer Genoa (I think it is a 135%. Good shape, I was planning on cutting it down to be a new jib)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Supports for winter storage of mast on deck

    Improvements to the hull, deck, rigging, engine, or interior

  • Complete trailer refurbish (new axle/hubs/bearings, new tires, entire frame was needle gunned, primed and painted with industrial paints, sections were strengthened, etc.)
  • Hull polishing
  • Keel needle gunning and refinishing
  • Keel bolt replacement
  • Keel winch replacement
  • Keel cable replacement
  • Teak was cleaned and refinished
  • Companionway slide cover was repaired and resprayed with new gelcoat
  • Cockpit sole was cut out and replaced with solid fiberglass with epoxy resin (so strong)
  • Repainted interior
  • Create a system to make the pop-top easier to use with NO LEAKING.
  • New and upgraded standing rigging (all but lower shrouds were replaced with upsized wire, swaged fittings, real turnbuckles and toggles...lower shrouds were swaged on the bottom and turnbuckles added)
  • Topping lift
  • New main halyard
  • Lowered outboard motor mount
  • Added sail slides, and more.

    Cabin Sole: There is a small section of plywood just aft of the v-berth that needed to be replaced. It had gotten wet that first year when the keel bolt leaked and just disintegrated. This wood supports the post that supports the mast step on the deck, so it needed to be replaced. I cut out the old section, left the tabbing, and installed new 1/2 marine plywood over the tabbing and used stainless screws and marine adhesive to hold it down. The wood was painted on both sides so it will last a nice long time.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Macgregor/Venture, 2-24, 1973 sailboat

    Macgregor/Venture, 2-24, 1973 sailboat

    Macgregor/Venture, 2-24, 1973 sailboat

    Macgregor/Venture, 2-24, 1973 sailboat

    Macgregor/Venture, 2-24, 1973 sailboat

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