Victoria 18, 1980, Monroe, Louisiana, $1,000, sold 4/8/09

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1980 Victoria 18

  • It once had a blissful life sailing on Clear Lake outside Houston, but it has not been moved from its place under our carport in 14 years. The tires on its trailer have dry rot and it longs to be back on the water in Texas. The boat needs love and an owner who has time to spend with it.

    Wow, David. Your classifieds really work. The Victoria 18 sold almost immediately and we have a list of other people who want to buy it if the first buyer does not pick it up. Tell your audience that there is a lot of demand for Victoria 18s in decent condition.
    Thank you again.
    Rick and Beverly
    Monroe, Louisiana

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    Victoria 18 sailboat

    Victoria 18 sailboat

    Victoria 18 sailboat

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