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Walker Bay 8', 2008, Winter Haven, Florida, $999, Ad expired

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Walker Bay 8', 2008 dingy

Ideal for a first sailboat


  • All plastic hull one piece construction see www,walkerbay,com.
  • hull nice
  • lapstrake design (not fiberglass)
  • set of oars included
  • sail kit - sail tiller centerboard mast boom lines
  • condition sail and sail kit very good, hull excellent oars excellent shows normal use

    Price = if new, $1,000 for hull $1,000 for sail kit (or $2,000)

  • Used by me= $999 for all

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Walker Bay 8', 2008 sailboat

    Walker Bay 8', 2008 sailboat

    Walker Bay 8', 2008 sailboat

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