Wayfarer 16, 1969-71, Sarasota, Florida, $2,100, sold 2/22/09

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1969-71 Wayfarer 16, Hull# 2136

  • From what I can glean from assorted websites the hull # would dictate that it was made between 1969 and 1971
  • Length 15'10"
  • Beam 6'1"
  • Weight 365lbs
  • Draft centerboard up 8"
  • Draft centerboard down 3'10"

    Have enjoyed this sailboat on long day voyages around the lakes of Florida and Sarasota Bay. It comes with a Doyle jib, US Sails mainsail, Proctor mast and boom. The trailer is a Pamco tilting trailer that works great, the trailer never even has to get wet when I beach launch this boat. Wooden seat rails, rudder and tiller have a nice coating of varnish on them still and the floorboards have just recently been painted. There is also a single bailer installed on the port side of the boat. This boat can be trailered and completely setup by one person in 30 minutes, my best time is 15 minutes.

    She is a real joy to sail solo but even having up to 3 adults in the boat did not cause anyone to be uncomfortable.

    Has a blue topsides with white/cream hull. Has lots of nice storage in the large bow and stern watertight buoyancy compartments. Also comes with a very nice blue marine canvas cover that can cover the boat with the mast down or standing as it has a center sleeve area where the mast can fit through.

    Everything is ready to sail as I took her out about 2 weeks ago.

    Delivery in Florida is possible.

    I sold it today. Thanks for a great website.
    Sarasota, Florida

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Wayfarer 16 sailboat

    Wayfarer 16 sailboat

    Wayfarer 16 sailboat

    Wayfarer 16 sailboat

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