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Windrider 16, Trimaran, 1998, Salado, Texas, $2,111, SOLD 4/17/10

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Windrider 16, Trimaran

Windrider 16 Specifications

  • Length 16'7"
  • Beam 12'
  • Weight (total) 250 lbs.
  • Total Sail Area 82 sq ft.
  • Draft 16"
  • Capacity 500 lbs.
  • Designer Jim Brown

    Hull ID Number: WKY13392C898

    You can google Windrider 16 for more info

    This boat is in great shape and is a hoot to sail.

    Approx 15 min. to be on the water.

    No longer does sailing demand most of your time, half your money and all of your upper body strength. From its head-turning design to its hands-free controls, WindRider has made sailing simple, affordable and attainable to anyone who wants to ride the wind.

    You can nudge these boats into exciting performance whenever you're ready. It doesn't take much air to drive the hulls, and moderate to stiff breezes can produce exhilarating speeds.

    On a custom galvanized trailer and in very, very good condition.

    Aqua boat with white sail.

    Comes with spray diverter & trampolines,.

    Trailer extensions to support amas while assembled.

    Galvanized trailer has a light tow weight and is in good shape. Boat and trailer both have a clear title.

    Hi Alison, The Windrider has sold and will be sending you some $$$$$ It sold not quite a full day after listing. We still contend that this is the best sailing classifieds website in the Nation. [Maybe World?]
    Salado, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Windrider 16, Trimaran sailboat

    Windrider 16, Trimaran sailboat

    Windrider 16, Trimaran sailboat

    Windrider 16, Trimaran sailboat

    Windrider 16, Trimaran sailboat

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