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Wooden Lake Scow Y-Flyer, 2005, Magnolia, Texas, $2,500, ad removed 1/29/10

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Wooden Lake Scow Y-Flyer

Great looking and fantastic sailing Wooden Lake Scow (Y-Flyer)

Pivoting Sitka Spruce Mast

Hull Construction:

  • 100% Lloyds registered Marine Grade imported Okume Plywood
  • Seams are fastened with 1)West System epoxy 2)brass screws at 3" spacing and 3)Fiberclass sheathing
  • Forestay and sidestay anchor points are much stronger than the original design requirements
  • Centerboard trunk is reinforced with oak reinforcements and lined with fiberglass

    Trailer: Includes trailer shown


  • Designed by Alvin Lundquist in the 1950's
  • Built by myself over 6 years and launched in 2005

    This boat is truly a pleasure to sail and gets a lot of interest wherever I take her

    I am being transferred overseas and will not take a chance on this beauty being neglected.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Wooden Lake Scow Y-Flyer

    Wooden Lake Scow Y-Flyer

    Wooden Lake Scow Y-Flyer

    Wooden Lake Scow Y-Flyer

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